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The primary areas of my current research involve,

For a complete list of my pubshlied work please see my Curriculum Vitae

List of my Doctoral Students (graduated)

  1. Xiang Ji (2017) Phylogenetic Approaches for Quantifying Interlocus Gene Conversion, NC State University (Co-chair Jeffrey Thorne)
  2. Austin Ford Ramsey (2016) Empirical Studies in Policy, Prices, and Risk, NC State University (currently at Virginia Tech) (Co-adviser: B. K. Goodwin)
  3. Bradley Turnbull (2015) Non-parametric Regression Models for Ordinal Predictors and Unimodal Density Estimation featuring Bernstein Polynomials, NC State University (currently at Apple Inc.)
  4. Yifang Li (2015) Bayesian Nonparametric Methods for Testing Shape Constraints, NC State University (currently at Novartis)
  5. Ashley Hungerford (2014) Three Essays in Spatial Economics, NC State University (currently at ERS, USDA) (Co-adviser: B. K. Goodwin)
  6. Liwei Wang (2013) Nonparametric Models for Longitudinal Data Using Bernstein Polynomial Sieve, NC State University (currently at PPD Inc.)
  7. Jeeraporn Thaithanan (2012) Zero-Altered Models for Independent and Correlated Count Data, Thammasat University, Thailand. (Co-advisor: Chinnaphong Bumrungsup)
  8. Piyada Thongjaem (2012) Density Estimation Using Bernstien Polynomials, Thammasat University, Thailand. (Co-advisor: Kamon Budsaba)
  9. Jiangdian Wang (2011) Shape Restricted Nonparametric Regression with Bernstein Polynomials, North Carolina State University.
  10. Muhtar Osman (2011) Bayesian Noninferiority Testing and Nonparametric Survival Regression using Bernstein Polynomials, NC State University (currenty at Celgene Inc.)
  11. Ani Eloyan (2010) Semi-Parametric Models for Independent Component Analysis, NC State University (currently at Johns Hopkins University).
  12. Autcha Araveeporn (2010) Nonparametric Heteroscedastic Regression Models with Autocorrelated Errors, Thammasat University, Thailand. (Co-adviser: Kamon Budsaba)
  13. Ying Zhu (2009) Modeling Dependence in the Design of Crop Insurance Contracts, NC State University (currently at SAS Institute Inc.) (co-adviser Dr. B. Goodwin)
  14. Kaushal, Mishra (2009) Phase Contrast Neutron Imaging using Single and Multiple Pinhole Apertures, NC State University (currently at Novartis Inc.) (co-adviser Dr. Ayman I. Hawari)
  15. Carl Dicasoli (2009) Bayesian Regression Methods for Crossing Survival Curves, Nc State University. (co-adviser Dr. S. Ghosal)
  16. Elizabeth Krachey (2009) Variations on the Accelerated Failure Time Model: Mixture Distributions, Cure Rates, and Di erent Censoring Scenarios, NC State University (currently at GlaxoSmithKline Inc.) (co-advisor Dr. W. Lu)
  17. Haojun Ouyang (2009) Bayesian Approach for Nonlinear Dynamic System and Genome- Wide Association Study, NC State University (currently at Eli Lily Inc.) (co-adviser Dr. J.Y. Tzeng)
  18. Arun Krishna (2008) Shrinkage-Based Variable Selection Methods for Linear Regression and Mixed-Effects Models, NC State University (co-advisor Dr. H. Bondell)
  19. Suraj Anand (2008) Novel Statistical Approaches for Planning and Investigating the Risk of QT Prolongation in "thorough QTc studies", NC State University (currently at Novartis Inc.)
  20. S. McKay Curtis (2008) Variable Selection Methods with Applications to Shape Restricted Regression, NC State University (currently at Walt Disney Corp.) (co-advisor Dr. S. Ghoshal)
  21. Emily H. Griffith (2008) Catch Curve and Capture Recapture Models: A Bayesian Combined Approach, NC State University (co-adviser Dr. K. Pollock) Sujit K. Ghosh 14
  22. Shufang Liu (2007). Modeling Mean Residual Life Function Using Scale Mixtures, NC State University (currently at PRA Inc.)
  23. Minjung Kyung (2006). Generalized Conditional Autoregressive Models, NC State University (currently at Duksung University, Korea)
  24. Liansheng Zhu (2006). Analyzing Longitudinal Data with Nonignorable Missing Outcomes, NC State University (co-advisor Dr. S. Ghosal)
  25. Lovely Goyal (2006). Statistical Inference for Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models Involving Ordinary Differential Equations, NC State University (currently at Amgen Inc.)
  26. Hyeyoung Lee (2006). Reparametrized Dynamic Space-time Models and Spatial Model Selection, NC State University (currently at Samsung Inc., Seoul, Korea)
  27. Hae-Ryoung Song (2005). Associations Between Gaussian Markov Random Fields and Gaussian Geostatistical Models with an Application to Model the Impact of Air Pollution on Human Health, NC State University (co-advisor Dr. M. Fuentes)
  28. Jungwook Park (2005). Statistical Analysis of Correlated Data based on Censored Observations, NC State University (co-advisor Dr. M. G. Genton)
  29. Ross M. Gosky (2004). Bayesian Analysis and Matching Errors in Closed Population Capture Recapture Models, NC State University (currently at Apalachian State University, NC) (co-advisor Dr. L. A. Stefanski)
  30. Dazhe Wang (2003). Frequentist and Bayesian Analysis of Random Coefficient Autoregressive models, NC State University (currently at Sano -Aventis, NJ) (co-advisor Dr. S. G. Pantula)
  31. Amy T. Umbach (2002). Bayesian Imputation Methods to Measure Quality of Life, NC State University (currently at Novartis, NJ)
  32. Palanikumar Ravindran (2002). Bayesian Analysis of Circular Data Using Wrapped Distributions, NC State University (currently at Roche, NJ)
  33. Zeynep Isil Kalaylioglu (2002). Frequentist and Bayesian Unit Root Tests in Stochastic Volatility Models, NC State University (currently at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey) (co-advisor Dr. S. G. Pantula)
  34. Pabak Mukhopadhyay (2000). Bayesian Analysis of Quality Adjusted Lifetime (QAL) and Zero-inated Poisson (ZIP) Data, NC State University (currently at Novartis Inc., NJ) (co-advisor Dr. A. Tsiatis)
  35. Weixin Zhou (1998). Structured Wavelet Antenna Signal Modeling and Random Scale Generalized Linear Model, NC State University (co-advisor Dr. J. C. Lu)

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