Ryan Martin : Teaching

Future teaching

Current teaching

ST503 — Fundamentals of Linear Models and Regression  [Fall 2019 website]

Past teaching

ST503 — Fundamentals of Linear Models and Regression
ST512 — Experimental Statistics for Biological Sciences II  [Spring 2019 website]
ST701 — Statistical Theory I (was ST521)  [Fall 2017 website]
ST810 — Special Topics: Valid Probabilistic Inference [Fall 2017 website]

Stat 401 — Introduction to Probability (@ UIC)
Stat 411 — Statistical Theory (@ UIC)
Stat 451 — Computational Statistics (@ UIC)
Stat 511 — Advanced Statistical Theory I (@ UIC)
Stat 512 — Advanced Statistical Theory II (@ UIC)
Stat 591 — Advanced Topics: Bayesian Analysis (@ UIC)
Stat 591 — Advanced Topics: Prior-free Probabilistic Inference (@ UIC)

Stat 350 — Introduction to Statistics (@ IUPUI)
Stat 511 — Statistical Methods I (@ IUPUI)
Stat 521 — Statistical Computing (@ IUPUI)
Stat 628 — Advanced Statistical Inference (@ IUPUI)

Stat 225 — Introduction to Probability Models (@ Purdue)
Stat 301 — Elementary Statistical Methods (@ Purdue)

Lecture notes

These are notes based on the Stat 411 (Statistical Theory) and Stat 511/512 (Advanced Statistical Theory) courses that I taught several times while I was at the University of Illinois at Chicago, between 2011 and 2016. Both documents are technically still "works in progress" but they are readable and useable. Several instructors have asked if they can use these materials and I am happy to share. If you're an instructor and would like to use these notes as a reference for your own course, then that's great, but please contact me to let me know your intentions.

Materials from the computational statistics course I taught at UIC in Spring 2016 are here.

More stuff to come...