NCSU : ST503 : Spring 2020

ST503 – Fundamentals of Linear Models  
Spring 2020  

Updated 01/02/2020

Instructor data

Name:   Ryan Martin
Office:   5238 SAS Hall
Phone:   919-515-1920
Email:   rgmarti3 AT (best way to contact me)

Course data

Syllabus:   PDF file

Lectures:   Videos available on the course Moodle page.
Office hours:   Check the syllabus or the Moodle site

Textbook:   Faraway, Linear Models with R and Extending the Linear Model with R.
Software:   R is free to download at

Prerequisites:   ST501 and, ideally, some applied stat course, e.g., ST511 or ST512.
Corequisites:   ST502

Course materials

The materials for this course (e.g., lecture slides, homework assignments, grades, etc) will be posted on Moodle, which you can access through WolfWare.