Thomas W. Reiland

Associate Professor, Statistics and Operations Research Rock Beats Scissors
Department of StatisticsScissors Beats Paper
North Carolina State UniversityPaper Beats Rock
Raleigh, NC, 27695-8203Nothing Beats Statistics!!

Research Interests:

Statistics Education, Statistics in Sports, Optimization, Distance Education.


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  0 to Statistics in One High-Velocity Semester  

Student Survival: Top Ten List of What to Know to Pass Introductory Statistics

ST 101 Statistics by Example

ST 305 Statistical Methods

Online ST 311 Introduction to Statistics (Online and Distance Education Information)

ST 311 Introduction to Statistics (Emphasis on Statistics in Sports)

ST 350 Economic and Business Statistics

5-Week Summer ST 350 Economic and Business Statistics

ST 371 Introduction to Probability and Distribution Theory

ST 372 Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression

ST 432 Introduction to Sample Surveys

ST 511 Experimental Statistics for the Biological Sciences

OR 501 Introduction to Operations Research

OR/MA 504 Introduction to Mathematical Programming

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