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Past Presentations
This page contains relevant files and videos for past presentations, Spring 2015.

Github link to Spring 2015 presentations.


Data Science, Big Data, and Analytics

Skills of a Data Scientist


Markdown File used to Create Presentation

Tools for Data Scraping

Data Scraping Example

To use R shiny you must

  1. Install R Studio
  2. Update R (past version 3 I think):
    # installing/loading the package:
    if(!require(installr)) {
    install.packages("installr"); require(installr)} #load / install+load installr
    # using the package:
    # this will start the updating process of your R installation. It will check for newer versions, and if one is available, will guide you through the decisions you'd need to make.
  3. Update your packages to be compatible with the updated version of R (may take 30min or longer):
    update.packages(ask=FALSE, checkBuilt = TRUE)

Very Brief Intro

Zip of Files Needed to Build the Basketball App

Comment and uncomment the corresponding steps in the ui.R and server.R file.

Files Corresponding to the Two Example Apps

Shiny Examples

R Shiny UI and Server Files

Building a Basketball App

We've been asked to take down the presentation. Please e-mail me if you'd like it.

Big picture of text analytics

Common Methods 1

Common Methods 2

Common Methods 3

Wrap up and Questions


Example Programs

R File Using Matrix Speed Up

Cuda C File

Generating Variables C File

Hardware Considerations

BLAS libraries

Generating Random Variables Using R and C Example

CUDA Example (using R and C)



Intro to Bayesian Missing Data Methods

Bayesian Missing Data Methods Continued