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SLG - Statistical Learning Group

Mission and Scope

Neal Grantham giving an introduction to the SLG.

Currently the group is being run by Todd Wilson and Kara Martinez. Please contact them if you would like to suggest ideas, topics, or speakers!

The group has four major goals:

  1. Introduce advanced topics in data mining, machine learning, and other 'active' areas of statistics in order to broaden our knowledge base and, where possible, connect statistical ideas.
    • With the "Data Science" revolution upon us, these methods are becoming more important than ever.
  2. Offer opportunities to present upper level topics and improve presentation and teaching ability with a focus on audience of the presentation and data visualizations.
    • Presenting 'mentors' will be available for the presenters.
  3. Give outlets for presentation, writing, and computing that are available for prospective employers to view.
    • Each presentation will be recorded and made available (if ok'd by presenter).
    • Write-ups and code will also be available.
  4. Improve applied analysis skills and coding.
    • Presentation will include an analysis or simulation aspect with code available for all members to work with when possible.

Past organizers of the club are Jami Jackson, Neal Grantham, Joshua Day, Dendi Suhubdy, and Brian Gaines.



Past Presentations

Check out the files and videos from past presentations!


A short list of useful resources we've found.