Justin Post
5272 SAS Hall | Justin_Post@ncsu.edu | 919.515.0637
**Last updated Spring 2016


5/2012 North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Ph.D., Statistics
Dissertation Title: Methods to Improve Prediction Accuracy using Structural Constraints
Advisor: Howard D. Bondell
5/2009 North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Master of Statistics
Concentration in Biomedical
2007    Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
Enrolled: Teacher certification program
5/2006 Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, Erie, PA
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics
Minor in Statistics


8/2013 - Present Teaching Assistant Professor
Director of Undergraduate Research
North Carolina State University
6/2013 - 8/2013 Adjunct Lecturer
North Carolina State University
8/2012 - 6/2013Assistant Professor
University of Mount Union
6/2012 - 8/2012Adjunct Lecturer
North Carolina State University
7/2010 - 6/2012 Statistical Consultant to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
8/2008 - 5/2010Instructor (5 semesters) - Statistics 311 - Introduction to Statistics
8/2007 - 12/2009Teaching Assistant
7/2009 - 9/2009Problem Tester - WebAssign
5/2009 - 7/2009Curriculum Developer - Cow Town Productions
5/2006 - 8/2007Internship - Larson Text Incorporated


Online Course Development

Developed ST 501 and ST 502 (Fundamentals of Inference I and Fundamentals of Inference II) for the online format. Created videos, interactive applets, and discussion boards.

Flipped Classroom Course Development

Created a new class (ST 308 - Introduction to R) in the flipped classroom mold. Created pre-class videos, walk-throughs, and activities. Based in class activities on working in groups and used multiple large group projects in place of exams.

Transformed ST 307 - Introduction to SAS to the flipped course structure similar to ST 308.

New Course Development

Developed new Mathematical Statistics graduate courses (ST 501 and ST 502, see above). Classes aimed at Statistics master's students and graduate students interested in a minor in statistics. Use of software and simulation throughout (including class projects) to enhance understanding and technical skills.

Classes Taught at NCSU
ST 307 - Introduction to Statistical Programming - SAS
ST 308 - Introduction to Statistical Programming - R
ST 311 - Introduction to Statistics
ST 370 - Probability and Statistics for Engineers
ST 372 - Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression
ST 421 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I
ST 422 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II
ST 498 - Honors Research Project
ST 501 - Fundamentals of Statistical Inference I
ST 502 - Fundamentals of Statistical Inference II
ST 511 - Experimental Statistics for Biological Sciences I
ST 512 - Experimental Statistics for Biological Sciences II
ST 521 - Statistical Theory I
ST 555 - Statistical Programming I
(Taught Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Calculus II, and Intro Stat courses while at the University of Mount Union.)

Data Science Course Series
Taught two courses in Fall 2016-

  • Introduction to Data Science Using R
  • Programming in R

Scholarly Activity (Papers, Presentations, and Posters)

2016 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture - Paper (5th author)
Development of MOS sensor-based NH3 monitor for use in poultry houses
2016 ECOTS - Interactive Math Stat Visualizations Using R Shiny - Virtual Poster
2015 Joint Statistical Meetings - Sports Data in Statistics Education - Invited Papers
Increasing Undergraduate Student Knowledge and Interest Using a Sports Stats Club
2015 Joint Statistical Meetings - Speed Session Contributed (Advisor to Will Burton and Michael Dickey)
NFL Play Predictions
2014 Joint Statistical Meetings - Speed Session Contributed (with Michael Dickey)
The Effect of Shot Selection Trends on Offensive Efficiency
2014 Joint Statistical Meetings - Speed Session Contributed (with James Gilman and Nicholas Kapur)
Using NFL Draft Metrics to Predict Player Success
2013 New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports - Poster Presentation
Modeling Umpire Misclassificaiton of Balls and Strikes using PitchFX Data
2013 Ohio Spring Regional MAA Meetings - Ohio NEXT Presentation
A Scaffolded Capstone Project for Introductory Statistics Class
2013 Mycologia - Paper (3rd author)
Phylogenetic relatedness and phenotypic characterization of Fomes fasciatus and Fomes formentarius sampled from the United States
2013 Biometrics - Paper (with Howard Bondell)
Factor selection and structural identification in the interaction ANOVA model

Conferences and Workshops

2016 CUR (Council on Undergraduate Research) Biennial Conference
2016 ECOTS
2013-2015 Joint Statistical Meetings
  • 2015 - Session Organizer - Sports Data in Statistics Education
  • 2014 - Session Chair - Speed Session Contributed
2014 International Conference on Teaching Statistics
  • Workshop on Using Randomization Methods in an Introductory Class
2014-2015 Basketball Analytics Summit (UNC)
2013 New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports
2013 Ohio Spring Regional MAA Meetings
  • Session Chair
2013 Joint Mathematics Meetings
2012 Ohio Fall Regional MAA meeting
2011 Graduate Student Professional Development Workshop
  • Selected Member
2011 United States Conference on Teaching Statistics
2011 Faculty Careers Workshop, NCSU

Professional Associations/Service Activities

1/2016 - presentNational Center for Faculty Development & Diversity
9/2015 - presentStat'n'Chat
5/2007 - presentAmerican Statistical Association
9/2015 - presentCouncil on Undergraduate Research
3/2009 - presentMu Sigma Rho
2016Datafest VIP Consultant
2015Datafest Judge
9/2012 - 1/2014Mathematical Association of America

Programming Skills

Fluent In Experienced In
  • SAS
  • R
  • R Shiny
  • Matlab
  • HTML
  • Latex
  • Microsoft Office
  • JMP
  • SPSS
  • Visual Studio/C++
  • Mathematica
  • Maple
  • JavaScript
  • Python


2013-2015 Thank a teacher awards
  • 1 Fall 2013, 2 Spring 2014, 1 Fall 2014, 1 Spring 2015, 1 Fall 2015, 2 Spring 2016
2013-2014 Interdisciplinary Liaisons Initiative Award Recipient
  • Joint award with Dr. Andrew Binder, Dept. of Communication
2010-2011 Gertrude M. Cox Academic Achievement Award Fellow
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Candidate
2010-2011 Francis G. Giesbrecht Award
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Candidate
2010-2011 Paige Plagge Graduate Award for Citizenship
  • For services to the department and fellow students