Justin Post
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About me


Hello and thank you for visiting my web page. I am currently a Teaching Assistant Professor and the Director of Undergraduate Research in the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University.

I have been involved in the department on and off since 2007. I was a graduate student from 2007-2012 and came back to the university in 2013 in as a Teaching Assistant Professor.

We have one of the largest doctoral programs in the country and also a large undergraduate program that continues to grow as the awareness of the utility of statistics and data science grows.

One of our goals as a department is to get our undergraduates an in depth research experience and to make sure they have a strong relationship with our faculty members. As Director of Undergraduate Research, I am heading the process to ensure every student can have one of these rewarding experiences.

Please see below for more information about some of the exciting things I am involved in!


Teaching has always been a passion of mine and this is my main role in the department. I am privileged to teach both undergraduate and graduate courses, including many courses for our online Master's program. The courses I've taught at NCSU include:

  • ST 307 - Introduction to Statistical Programming- SAS
  • ST 308 - Introduction to Statistical Programming- R
  • ST 311 - Introduction to Statistics
  • ST 370 - Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  • ST 372 - Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression
  • ST 421 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I
  • ST 422 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II
  • ST 501 - Fundamentals of Inference I
  • ST 502 - Fundamentals of Inference II
  • ST 511 - Experimental Statistics for Biological Sciences I
  • ST 512 - Experimental Statistics for Biological Sciences II
  • ST 521 - Statistical Theory I
  • ST 555 - Statistical Programming I

The material for these classes is available on wolfware (moodle).

Please see my teaching page for some teaching resources I think are useful and/or fun!

Online Program

I had the pleasure of creating two of the core courses for the Master's program, ST 501 and ST 502. The courses aren't the traditional math stat courses. They have many of the same elements but have been designed to have more modern topics and computing infused throughout. The math often makes them challenging courses for students but most find them really interesting and useful.


The Stat'n'Chat group is a collection of some local introductory statistics instructors from different colleges/universities that have gotten together to network and share ideas.

We usually meet the third Friday of each month for dinner and discussion. If you are interested, please e-mail me and I'll add you to our mailing list!

Sports Analytics

In the fall of 2013, Dr. Jason Osborne and I started an undergraduate sports statistics club. Our club is open to any student at NCSU and is committed to quantitative analysis of sports strategy and management. We promote our students to share ideas, complete research project, learn new things, and attend conferences.

Many of our projects involve data scraping, data management, and data analysis. This gives our students a hands on way to learn coding, deal with real/messy data, and apply (possibly new) analysis techniques. We've had many projects presented at national conferences.

It is also just fun to get together with other people that love sports and statistics! Check out our Sports Analytics Club website.

Statistical Learning Group

The Statistical Learning Group is a group of mostly statistics graduate students that started in the Fall of 2014 whose intendion is to broaden the knowledge base of our graduate students as well as improve their presentation and teaching skills.

The group is currently being run by Todd Wilson. You can see the current schedule of topics here.