NCSU Squash players ranked! : 2012rankings.pdf

Squash in the media

  • Program for 2013 Tournament of Champions in New York City, January, 2013:
  • Flyer for Jester's tournament in Atlanta, GA, January, 25-27, 2013: Flyer2013.pdf
  • Street Squash in the New York Times
  • Article on tennis pros (Nadal, Federer, Murray, Edberg, Lendl) playing squash to improve their fitness and their tennis.
  • article in Sports Illustrated, February, 2008
  • New York Times article on the rise of squash as an admissions factor at some universities December, 2007
  • Another article on squash as an admission factor.
  • slideshow article in Forbes Magazine.
  • Washington Post Express
  • video from Metrosquash in Chicago.
  • Squash in Charleston , October, 2007
  • Charleston Squash
  • A note about the first squash court in Colorado south of Colorado Springs: CSU-Pueblo website

  • Results:

    My results on the US Squash ranking system


  • tips for racquetball players wishing to learn to play squash.
  • BTW, here is why racquetball is geometrically wrong. When a player hits off the backwall, which is
    common, there is nowhere for the opponent to go.
  • (Broken links:)

  • article in Men's Vogue, December, 2007
  • Local coverage of the (sold out!) PSA tournament in Richmond, VA in February, 2007
  • VSRA Virgina Open (I'm in the 4.5 level)
  • Charleston Challenge, September, 2007 results (I'm in the 5.0 level)
  • Virginia Squash Rackets Association (VSRA) Squash Classic, Nov, 2007: results (I'm in the 4.0/4.5 level) pictures

  • Links:

  • Cary LTF League Final video
  • Trianglesquash.com
  • Triangle squash yahoo group
  •  Southeastern Squash Racquests Assn (SESRA)
  •   U.S. Squash Racquests Assn (USSRA)
  •   NCSU Squash Club
  • 2001-2002 Adult rankings
  • 2001-2002 Adult ratings
  • My favorite squash pic linked from Squashpics.com
  • Another series of pics showing a Lincou recovery, also from Squashpics.com
  • Some links with drills, etc
  • PhD squash comic #1 #2 #3 #4