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Department of Statistics

NC State University

Box 8203

Raleigh NC 27695





5276 SAS Hall (Statistics)

303 Ricks Hall (Bioinformatics)

NorthPaw Pet Portraits with Santa 2016


Sorry about the ugly front page this year- I had some web server issues and didn't get time to rework a new one. Clicking on your pet's name will take you to a (much nicer) web site with a gallery of their photos. Click on the photo in the upper left and it will give you a larger version, with a note at the bottom saying something like <1 of 12>. You can use the arrows to scroll through your photos. If you want us to print number 7, just send us that number. Clicking the X in the upper right corner will take you back to the gallery page for your pet.


Thanks for everyone's support of the Stray Fund!