John F. Monahan

Numerical Methods of Statistics (second edition), Cambridge Univ Press, 2011

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ChapterTitleFortran 95 R SAS 

 Algorithms and Computers

2Computer ArithmeticF95R
3Matrices and Linear EquationsF95R
4More Methods for Solving Linear EquationsF95R
5Regression Computations F95 RSAS
7Functions: Interpolation, Smoothing, and ApproximationF95R
8Introduction to Optimization and Nonlinear EquationsF95R
9Maximum Likelihood and Nonlinear RegressionF95R
10Numerical Integration and Monte Carlo MethodsF95R
11Generating Random Variables for Other DistributionsF95
12Statistical Methods for Integration and Monte CarloF95R
13Markov Chain Monte Carlo MethodsF95RSAS
14Sorting and Fast AlgorithmsF95R

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