Chapter 14 Demonstrations in R

R codeOutputDescription
fft2n.rfft2n.outFast Fourier Transform
poisp.rpoisp.outInversion of Poisson characteristic function via FFT
wlcx1s.rwlcx1s.outPagano-Tritchler for one-sample Wilcoxon
wlcx2s.rwlcx2s.outPagano-Tritchler for two-sample Wilcoxon
tivmm1.rtivmm1.outConvolutions by discretization and FFT
chfniv.rInversion of limit characteristic function via FFT
qimhof.rqimhof.outImhof's method for weight sums of chi-squares
nxtkon.rnxtkon.outGenerate all subsets of size k out of n
t2perm.rt2perm.outPermutation t-test
permnx.rpermnx.outGenerate all permutations
ptrend.rptrend.outPermutation test for trend/correlation

last update 28 July 2010