Chapter 10 Demonstrations in R

R codeOutputDescription
quad1.rquad1.outSimple quadrature on Example 10.1
qgaustb.rqgaustb.outAbscissas and weights for Gauss rules
quad2.rquad2.outGauss quadrature for Example 10.1
chex102g.rchex102g.outExample 10.2 via Gauss-Hermite integration
chex102n.rchex102n.outExample 10.2 via importance sampling
chex102s.rchex102s.outExample 10.2 via Simpson's rule
chex102t.rchex102t.outExample 10.2 via integration rules for triangles
halton.rhalton.outDemonstration of van der Corput-Halton sequences
chex103.rchex103.outExample 10.3 via Korobov rules
quad3.rquad3.outExample 10.1 with importance sampling and antithetic variates

last update 28 July 2010