Herle McGowan
Department of Statistics
North Carolina State University
Office: 5266 SAS Hall

Tel: (919) 515-0634
Fax: (919) 515-7591
Email: hmmcgowa@ncsu.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. in Statistics, 2009, University of Michigan
M.A.  in Statistics, 2005, University of Michigan
B.A.  in Statistics and Economics, 2002, Rutgers University

Research Interests:
My primary area of research is statistics education.  This includes aspects of teaching and learning in statistics courses, such as exploring the effects of educational technology, as well as how studies are conducted in educational settings.

Courses Taught:

ST 101: Statistics By Example.  Course goal is to develop an understanding of the basic ideas of statistical reasoning, exposing students to statistical techniques used in the media and and creating informed consumers of statistics. 

ST 311: Introduction to Statistics.  Topics covered include data collection (surveys, experiments), descriptive statistics (measures of location, measures of dispersion, graphic presentation), sampling distributions, inferential statistics (one sample problems, regression and correlation). 

ST350: Economics and Business Statistics. Topics covered include data collection & summary, probability and sampling distribututions, inferential statistics (confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for one, two, or more groups for quantitative or categorical data), simple linear regression and correlation, introduction to multiple regression. 

ST 371: Introduction to Probability and Distribution Theory. Course provides an introduction to probability, discrete and continuous random variables and their probability distributions, and to sampling distributions. 

Statis   ST 372: Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression. Topics covered include point estimation, unbiasedness, method of moments, maximum likelihood, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests (one and two sample problems), ANOVA, simple linear regression analysis.


ST 401: Experiences in Data Analysis. Summer program for students interested in Biostatistics.

ST 430: Introduction to Regression Analysis. Course provides a foundation in simple and multiple linear regression, including model fitting, variable selection, residual analysis, and non-linear regression.

ST 435: Statistical Methods for Quality and Productivity Improvement. Course provides an introduction to the DMAIC process, control charts, experiemental design, and gauge R&R.

ST 511: Experimental Statistics for Biological Sciences I.  Topics covered include data collection (surveys, experiments), probability, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests (one and two sample problems), ANOVA, Chi-square, regression and correlation.

Office hours for Spring 2019 Semester: Mondays and Thursdays 10:00 - 11:30 am

Student Advising:

Current Walk-in Hours:  Mondays and Thursdays 10:00 - 11:30 am

For current stats majors: If I am listed as your advisor (see MyPack Portal), you will need to meet with me before you are able to register for classes each semester. An email with information on scheduling an advising appointment will be sent a few weeks prior to the start of the enrollment period.

For other students: If you would like to discuss the statistics major or minor, please drop by during one of the above times.