Courses Taught

  • ST495/590: Applied Multivariate and Longitudinal Data Analysis (S17)
  • ST 372: Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression (F15, S16, F16, F17, S18)
  • ST 705: Linear Models and Variance Components (S16, S17, S18)
  • ST 731: Applied Multivariate Analysis (S12, S14, S15)
  • ST 810: Functional Data Analysis (F12)

Recent Publications

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  • Testing for Additivity in Non-parametric Regression

    Zhang, Y., Staicu, A-M. and Maity, A.
    In The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 44, 445 - 462.


  • Classical Testing in a Functional Regression

    Kong, D., Staicu, A-M. and Maity, A.
    In Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, 28, 813 - 838.


  • Testing and Estimation in Marker-Set Association Study Using Semiparametric Kernel Quantile Regression

    Kong, D., Maity, A. and Tzeng, J-Y.
    In Biometrics, 72, 364 - 371.

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Selected Software

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  • General Additive Functional Concurrent Model

    Description: Software to fit a concurrent regression model with function response and multiple functional covariates. The model has the form Y(t) = F1{X1(t), t} + F2{X2(t), t} + e(t).


  • Testing for Additivity in Non-parametric Regression

    Description: Test zero variance components in linear mixed models and test additivity in nonparametric regression using the restricted likelihood ratio test and the generalized F-test.

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