Lu 2019

               Wenbin Lu

               Professor & Director of Graduate Program        

             Mailing address:

             Department of Statistics

             North Carolina State University

             5112 SAS Hall,

             2311 Stinson Drive, Raleigh NC 27695


               Email: wlu4@ncsu.edu

             Phone: (919) 515-1915

             Fax: (919) 515-1169


I received my Ph.D. in Statistics from Columbia University under the direction of Professor Zhiliang Ying. I am currently a faculty member of the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University. My current research interests include statistical and machine learning methods for precision medicine, reinforcement learning methods, high-dimensional data analysis, network data analysis, biostatistics and statistical genetics.


Curriculum vitae:  CV in PDF Format

Course Taught:  ST361 ST370 ST421 ST505 ST521 ST732 ST745 ST790-01 ST790-02 ST790-03


Online seminar series for fall 2020: links

DGP walk-in office hours for fall 2020:

T 1-2pm: https://ncsu.zoom.us/j/97232055003 (meeting ID 972 3205 5003)

TH 1-2pm: https://ncsu.zoom.us/j/96509135894 (meeting ID 965 0913 5894)

F 9-10am: https://ncsu.zoom.us/j/92386105335 (meeting ID 923 8610 5335)

Note: DGP office hours will be held virtually via zoom. I will use the waiting room function of zoom to meet with you individually. It is better to make an appointment with me in advance.