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Soumendra Nath Lahiri,
Distinguished Professor

Department of Statistics
NC State University
Email: snlahiri@ncsu.edu

Ph. D. (1989) Michigan State University
M.Stat. (1986) Indian Statistical Institute
B.Stat. (1984) Indian Statistical Institute

My research spans over different areas of statistics, including
  • Resampling and related Computer Intensive Methods (e.g. Bootstrap, Empirical Likelihood),
  • Time Series and Econometrics, with applications to Finance
  • Spatial and Environmental Statistics,
  • Asymptotics (e.g. Rates of convergence, Edgeworth expansions) and
  • Inference for high dimensional and massive data sets.
I am also interested in applications of statistical methodology to different areas of sciences and engineering (Environmental Monitoring, Wireless Sensor Networks, etc.). My research is currently supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency.
Professional Activities

Assoc. Editor: Annals of Statistics
Assoc. Editor: JSPI
Guest Editor: Stat. Methodology
Co- Editor: Proc. ISNPS Conf-I
Past Editor: Sankhya, Series A

Program Chair: IISA Conference,
      NC State U., 2011
Program Comm: TIES, 2012
Executive Comm: International
      Society of Nonparametric
      Statistics, 2012-2014
Recent Talks:    (Y2013)
   Feb 2013 Joint Econometrics-Statistics
     Seminar, LSE, UK

   Feb 2013: Stat-Math Colloquium, ISI, Kolkata
   Mar 2013: Colloquium, Michigan State U
   May 2013: DIMACS Workshop, Rutgers U.
   Jun 2013: TIES, Alaska
   Aug 2013: JSM, Montreal, Canada
   Sept 2013: Workshop on Bootstrap,
      Copenhagen, Denmark

   Nov 2013: AMS Regional Meeting, UC
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