Marcia Gumpertz December 2020




Marcia L. Gumpertz

 Department of Statistics

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC, 27695-7527

Phone: (919)515-1913

BFF 2017 Table Topics



Statistical Consulting Service

Giesbrecht FG and Gumpertz ML. 2004. Planning, Construction, and Statistical Analysis of Comparative Experiments. Wiley. New York . [Data, SAS Code Examples, and Errata]

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Experimental Design Thumbnail Biographies.  By Carrie Clark (NCSU Statistics BS May 2003) with some additions by ST711 Graduate Students

      Kirstine SmithGeorge W. Snedecor, Sir Ronald Fisher[1][2], Jerzy Neyman, Gertrude Mary Cox, William John Youden, Frank Yates, Esther Seiden, William G. Cochran, Oscar Kempthorne, George Box, Genichi Taguchi, Sir David R. Cox, Indra Chakravarti, Anne Penfold Street, Rosemary A. Bailey, Deborah J. Street, Angela Dean