Fall 2016

August 25 - Marcela Alfaro-Cordoba     Handbook Chapter 2     Slides
September 08 - Anne Jhuang     Handbook Chapter 3     Slides
September 22 - Susheela Singh     Handbook Chapter 4     Slides
October 4 - Amanda Bell     Handbook Chapter 5     Slides
October 21 - Halley Brantley         Slides
November 3, 11:30am - Zhou Lan         Slides
November 17, Karl Pazdernik         Slides

Spring 2016

2/11     Marcela Alfaro-Cordoba     Statistics for Spatial Functional Data: Some Recent Contributions    Slides

2/25     Yen-Ning Huang     On the performance of two clustering methods for spatial functional data    Slides

3/16     Kim Kaufield     A Bayesian spatial factor analysis approach for combining climate model ensembles   

3/24     Arnab Hazra     Dynamic models for spatiotemporal data   

Fall 2015

9/2/2015 - Chris Krut - Spatial Modeling with Spatially Varying Coefficient Processes by Alan Gelfand


9/16/2015 - Gaussian Predictive Process Models for Large Spatial Data Sets by Banerjee et al.


9/30/2015 - Handbook of Spatial Statistics, Chapter 5: Spectral Methods


10/14/2015 - A Spectral Method for Spatial Downscaling by Reich et al.


10/28/2015 - Comparing and Blending Regional Climate Model Predictions for the American Southwest" Salazar et. al. (2011)

11/11/2015 - "Spatial Bayesian Nonparametric Methods" By Reich and Fuentes

12/2/2015 - Dependent Functional Data by Piotr Kokoszka