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Tessa Hall
, BMA MS student.  Tessa is interested in the effects of ocean acidification on the population dynamics of reef-forming corals.

Amanda Reeder, BMA PhD student.  Amanda is interested in improving statistical models of blue crab abundance in the Pamlico Sound.

Former group members

Greg Backus, BMA / Zoology PhD.  Greg studied how genetic technologies can be used to reduce the impact of invasive species on native ecosystems.  Greg is now a post-doc at UC Davis.

Judith Canner, BMA / Zoology PhD.  Judith studied the population ecology of ant-dispersed plants.  Judith is now faculty at Cal State Monterey Bay.

Ian Fiske, Statistics PhD.  Ian studied the use of latent-variable models to analyze wildlife survey data with imperfect detection and ordinal responses.  Ian also wrote unmarked, an R package for hierarchical models of animal abundance and occurrence.

Matt Hamilton, BMA MS.  Matt studied the effect of dispersal on coexistence in a metacommunity model.

Becky Lyzinski, BMA MS.  Becky constructed mathematical models to analyze the dynamics of multiple interacting pathogens.

Erin Mordecai, NSF post-doc.  Erin is interested in the processes that control pathogen diversity, and in the impact of global environmental change on infectious disease dynamics.  Erin is now faculty at Stanford University.

Andrew Snyder-Beattie, BMA MS.  Andrew developed a new mathematical model for predicting latitudinal gradients in species diversity.  Andrew currently works at the Future of Humanity Institute.

Christopher Stone, post-doc.  Chris is interested in insect vectors of human and non-human diseases, and the plastic and adaptive responses of those vectors to the environment.  Chris is now a medical entomologist at the Illinois Natural History Survey.

Yabo Wu, BMA Masters.  Yabo studied the use of autoregressive models to approximate one- and two-species models of stochastic population dynamics.

Last updated Sept 1, 2017.