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K Gross - Some publications Some recent and not-so-recent publications:

Nissen, S.B., T. Magidson, K. Gross, and C.T. Bergstrom.  2016.  Publication bias and the canonization of false facts.  eLife 5: e21451.

Backus, G.A., and K. Gross.  2016.  Genetic engineering to eradicate invasive mice on islands: Modeling the efficiency and ecolgical impacts.  Ecosphere 7: e01589.   

Gross, K. and A. Snyder-Beattie.  2016.  A general, synthetic model for predicting biodiversity gradients from environmental geometry.  American Naturalist 188: E85 -- E97.

Gross, K., and P.J. Edmunds.  2015.  Stability of Caribbean coral communities quantified by long-term monitoring and autoregression models. Ecology 96: 1812 -- 1822.

Gross, K., B. J . Cardinale, J. W. Fox, A. Gonzalez, M. Loreau, H. W. Polley, P. B. Reich and J. van Ruijven. 2014. Species richness and the temporal stability of biomass production: A new analysis of recent biodiversity experiments. American Naturalist 183: 1 -- 12. 

Gross, K. and J. A. Rosenheim.  2011.  Quantifying secondary pest outbreaks in cotton and their monetary cost with causal inference statistics. Ecological Applications 21: 2770 -- 2780.

Gross, K.  2008.  Positive interactions among conpetitors can produce species-rich communities.  Ecology Letters 11: 929 -- 936.

Last updated September 1, 2017.

"When one has finished a substantial paper there is commonly a mood in which it seems that there is really nothing in it.  Do not worry, later on you will be thinking 'At least I could do something good then' " -- J. E. Littlewood, with thanks to Carl Bergstrom