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Thank you for visiting this webpage.  I am a theoretical biologist and a professor in the Biomathematics Graduate Program at North Carolina State University. I am a member of the Department of Statistics, and hold an associate faculty appointment with the Department of Applied Ecology

There are two main threads to my research.  The first uses dynamical and economic models to investigate how the institutions, customs, and norms of science affect the production of scientific knowledge.  This work takes its place in the broad and emerging discipline of the "science of science".  Within this area, I am especially interested in how statistics are used in the practical conduct of science, and in how universities and funding bodies can promote scientific welfare efficiently.

The second thread of my research uses mathematics and statistics to investigate population dynamics in ecology.  This is a longer-standing interest, and it has led me to work in foundational ecological theory, statistical or "eco-informatic" methods, and applications to specific natural systems.  I celebrate the portability of mathematical tools in population ecology, and have had the good fortune to work on topics as diverse as the resilience of tropical coral reefs, biological control of agricultural insect pests, conservation of rare biota on islands, and the spread of vector-transmitted plant pathogens.  John Tukey famously said that one of the attractive aspects of being a statistician was getting to play in everyone's backyard.  I think the same holds true for being a theoretical ecologist. I collaborate with colleagues who study a variety of taxa, and enjoy doing so enormously.

                              species-ranges                                Acropora palmata                            

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