Analysis of Survival Data (ST745), Spring 2005

Some important materials for ST 745 course,  Spring 2005  (Jan. 10 -  May. 14). Some of the files in this page are in postscript format which can be viewed using Ghostscript Viewer.
  • View or download syllabus (postscriptpdf).
  • Useful links:
    • This website  contains some data sets and SAS macros used in the textbook Survival Analysis: Techniques for Censored and Truncated Data by Klein, J.P. and Moeschberger, M.L.
    • This website  contains the data sets and SAS macros used in the supplemental textbook Survival Analysis Using The SAS System : A Practical Guide by Allison, P.D. 
    • This website  contains additional materials such as data sets and software used in the reference Modeling Survival Data: Expending the Cox Model by Therneau, T.M. and Grambsch, P.M. This reference is more for correlated survival times.
  • This website  from Dr. Dennis D. Boos contains some instruction on how to use R.  Here  is some instruction specific for doing survival analysis uisng R.  An example  for plotting a piece-wise function.
  • Lecture notes: chapter 1  ( postscriptpdf),  chapter 2  ( postscriptpdf),  chapter 3  ( postscriptpdf),  chapter 4  ( postscriptpdf),  chapter 5  ( postscriptpdf),  chapter 6  ( postscriptpdf), chapter 7  ( postscriptpdf),  chapter 8  ( postscriptpdf),  chapter 9  ( postscriptpdf),  chapter 10  ( postscriptpdf).
  • The final exam (5/3/05, Tuesday, 1:00-4:00 pm) will be based on the materials covered in the entire course. The final grades can be found on web. Other exam schedule can be found here.
  • Check out the Grading scalereceipt

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