David A. Dickey - Selected Publications

Selected Publications

David A. Dickey

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Citation Counts
In November 1993 the publisher of Science Citation Index and Social Science Citation Index declared the Econometrica article listed below to be a "citation classic," stating that it had been cited in more than 435 publications. In 1997 it was displayed in the NSCU library as the most cited paper (738 citations then, 1017 as of 7/99) by any NCSU professor. The Biometrika article with my student Said was 7th most cited (243 citations then, 336 as of 7/99). An earlier 1979 JASA paper has been cited 1277 times as of 7/99. A search of Social Sciences Citation Index shows 4669 citations of all papers as of Oct 2001. The JASA and Econometrica appeared as references in the official support documentation for the 2003 Nobel Prize in Economics. awarded to Engle and Granger.