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Nonlinear Models for Repeated Measurement Data

With my long-time partner in crime David Giltinan, formerly Staff Scientist at Genentech, Inc., and now international man of leisure, I am co-author of Nonlinear Models for Repeated Measurement Data, published by Chapman and Hall in 1995. You can view the preface and table of contents here. You may order either through or the publisher, Chapman & Hall/CRC Press.

David and I will probably never get around to doing second edition, so do not look for one anytime soon...

Selected data sets from the book are available here:

Longitudinal Data Analysis: A Handbook of Modern Statistical Methods

Garrett Fitzmaurice, Geert Verbeke, Geert Molenberghs , and I are co-editors of the book Longitudinal Data Analysis, which is Volume 1 in the Chapman & Hall/CRC Press series of Handbooks of Modern Statistical Methods. The book includes integrated chapters written by leading authorities on modeling and analysis of longitudinal data. Look for it at the Chapman and Hall/CRC Press booth at a statistical conference near you. You can also order from Programs and datasets can be found at the book's website.

In fact, you can order my spouse's book, Semiparametric Theory and Missing Data (2006), from the publisher, Springer, or from

You can also order Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models, A Modern Perspective, Second Edition (2006) , also published by Chapman and Hall/CRC, through or the publisher; one of the authors is our own Len Stefanski , along with Ray Carroll and David Ruppert (my former professors at UNC-CH).

The Work of Raymond J. Carroll: The Impact and Influence of a Statistician

Xihong Lin, Jeff Morris, Len Stefanski , and I are co-editors of the book The Work of Raymond J. Carroll: The Impact and Influence of a Statistician, a collection of papers by our thesis advisor, colleague, and friend Raymond J. Carroll.