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Smaller Data Set suitable for reading into R (variables x1-x19 and y, 3 cases with missing values deleted).

Brief Description

Data from Mangold, Bean, Adams (2003), Journal Of Higher Education, p. 540-562, "The Impact of Intercollegiate Athletics on Graduation Rates Among Major NCAA Division I Universities." The data were taken from the 1996-99 editions of the US News "Best Colleges in America" and from the US Department of Education data and includes 97 NCAA Division 1A schools. The authors hoped to show that successful sports programs raise graduation rates. Here is a list describing briefly the response variable and 19 predictors.

  Y               average 6 yr graduation rate for 1996, 1997, 1998
 top10 = x1       % students in top 10% HS
 act25 = x2       ACT COMPOSITE 25TH
 oncampus = x3    % On living campus
 ft_grad = x4     % first-time undergraduates
 size = x5        Total Enrollment/1000
 tateach = x6     % courses taught by TAs
 bbindex = x7     composite of basketball ranking
 tuition = x8     in-state tuition/1000
 board = x9       room and board/1000
 attend = x10     avg BB  home attendance
 full_sal = x11   Full Professor Salary
 sf_ratio = x12   Student to faculty ratio
 white = x13      % white
 ast_sal = x14    Assistant professor salary
 pop = x15        population of city where located
 phd = x16        % faculty with PHD
 accept = x17     Acceptance rate
 l_pct = x18      % receiving loans
 outstate = x19   % Out of state