Baseball Salaries Data

The baseball salary data set is available through the Journal of Statistics Education (JSE) data archive. The data set contains salary information for 337 Major League Baseball (MLB) players who are not pitchers and played at least one game during both the 1991 and 1992 seasons. The purpose of the study is to determine whether a baseball player's salary is a reflection of his offensive performance. For each player, the salary from the 1992 season along with 12 offensive statistics from the 1991 season were collected. In addition to these variables, there are 4 indicator variables which identify free agency and eligibility for arbitration.

Data set with sas code. Description from JSE website.

Variable    Description

X1       Batting average
X2       On-base percentage
X3       Number of runs
X4       Number of hits
X5       Number of doubles
X6       Number of triples
X7       Number of home runs
X8       Number of runs batted in
X9       Number of walks
X10      Number of strike-outs
X11      Number of stolen bases
X12      Number of errors
X13      Indicator of "free agency eligibility"
X14      Indicator of "free agent in 1991/2"
X15      Indicator of "arbitration eligibility"
X16      Indicator of "arbitration in 1991/2"
Y        Salary (in thousands of dollars)