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NCSU insect museum 2008 hexapod haiku contest


  Season of Roses poem project


Charlie's Haiku collection (earlier ones, nonpublished, some in japanese)

published ones in :
Mainichi Daily News Jan.,2001
Eyes and ice/both cold/one melts

Asahi Shimbum April 20,2001 (bilingual haiku)
Moonlit night/ flowering cherry/snow beauty....
oburo-tsuki/sakura-fubuki no/utsukushisa

Asahi Shimbun Sept 28, 2001
Dirty street corner/ and a vacant lot, homeless/ wildflower shelter

Mainichi Daily News Oct. 6, 2001
Pink flowers dance in/ Mediterranean breeze/ ancient Latin beat

Asahi Shimbun Jan. 18, 2002
We all dream /Martin Luther King's/ dream awakes

Asahi Shimbun April 12, 2002
Easter moon/ flowers, trees and hope/ bloom again

Mainichi Daily News June 01,2002
limbs of pink dogwoods/ small hands gather a bouquet/ Mother's Day early

Ama no gawa/shibaraku soba de/ yume no tsuri
in Poems from the 6th annual MAINICHI HAIKU CONTEST,
page 202, Kezu de tadoru sakabiki haijin maikan, Mainichi Shimbun

Asahi Shimbum Aug. 7, 2002 ,
(Tanabata legend) 7-7 wish/lovers together/24-7

Asahi Shimbun June 2, 2003,
Dylan rolls/ poetry in music/ grindstone moon

Mainichi Daily News June 7,2003,
frigid incense breeze/geese cross cemetery road/ our procession waits

Mainichi Daily News July 7, 2003,
last exam graded/papers rest on office floor/professor also

Asahi Shimbum Sept. 22,2003,
candles float/lighting A-bomb dome/still darkness

Asahi Shimbun Nov 25,2003 ,
stiff limbs bend/under fall rainbow/morning walk

first prize winner of Satsumasakura Haiku Soc. contest Nov 12,2003

Asahi Shinbum Dec. 8,2003
(joint with Yue Li Lim) candles glow/thru' lanterns in yard/misty rain

Mainichi Daily News March 01,2004,
huge fluffy snowflakes/ my valentine's confetti/manna from heaven

Asahi Shimbun March 15, 2004,
E-greeting/ unread for two weeks/ rose thorns

Asahi Shimbun March 29, 2004
Green onions/ adorn rock garden/ St. Patrick's

Asahi Shimbun May 8, 2004
After rain/ pink dogwood petals/ rain again

Asahi Shimbun June 28, 2004
pastel clouds/ red watermelon/ ends picnic

8th Annual Mainichi Haiku Contest, "Honorable Mention", winners announced June 2004
packed homeless shelter/ Silent Night sung after meal/ silent tears sparkle

Asahi Shimbun August 09, 2004
my empty garden/lightning bugs returning home/river full of stars

also a 5-7-5 haiku in japanese
kara no niwa/ hotaru ga kaeru/ ama no gawa/

Asahi Shimbun August 30, 2004
lake trolling/ many worms some fish/ one haiku

Asahi Shimbun Nov 15, 2004
daydreaming/ floating long black hair/ eclipses moon

Asahi Shimbun Jan 29-30, 2005
Kobe quake/ hits hard and swiftly/ Ichiro

Asahi Shimbun May 1, 2005
royal blue/ crocus returning/ sparrows bow

Asahi Shimbun August 06, 2005
peace dove flies/ sixty year journey/ no nest sites

Asahi Shimbun Sept 03,2005
glowing sky/ rice field reflections/ stars and stripes

Asahi Shimbun Oct 1-2, 2005
gentle breeze/ first autumn colors / float in tea

Asahi Shimbun Oct 29-30, 2005
Hounds from Hell / howling in distress / fire hydrant ?

Asahi Shimbun Dec 3-4, 2005
red oval / vending machine change / hot coffee

Asahi Shimbun Dec 17-18, 2005
Winter dusk / teacher of the heart / hand still warm

Asahi Shimbun Feb 14-15, 2006
Long-stemmed rose / pricks finger / and healing heart

Asahi Shimbun Apr 8-9, 2006
new blanket/ of purple clover / kitten naps

Chapel Hill News Apr 26, 2006
expensive / young tender seedlings / fat rabbits

Asahi Shimbun Jun 3-4, 2006
Blooming oaks / fine golden powder / falls from beard

Asahi Shimbun Sep 2-3, 2006
Shuttle launch / summer storm clouds / in the east /

Asahi Shimbun Sep 2-3, 2006
who done it/ or he thought he was / seashore books

literary magazine Valley Voices, Fall, 2006
hot bitter coffee / frosty hospital window / waiting for sunrise

Asahi Shimbun Oct 7-8, 2006
soap bubbles/ blown far away/ bursting dreams
original version  "burst in dreams"

Asahi Shimbun Oct 21-22, 2006
Harvest moon/ cloudy and rainy/ like last year/

Asahi Shimbun Mar 17-18, 2007
Dusting doll/ daughter's last visit/ last girl's day

Asahi Shimbun May 19-20, 2007
Dandelions/ and young laughter float/ gentle breeze

in Book "Beneath the Willow Tree" by Rosenberry Books,
Aug, 2007 (anthology of haiku by members of the North Carolina Haiku Society)

spinning tops/  dad's favorite one/ rests on grave

slow steady rhythm/  japanese rainy season/ echoes in my heart

Mainichi Daily News Sept. 7, 2007  Haiku in English, Vol 699
after the rain / fallen camelia / in the moonlight

Moonset, haiku newspaper, Nov 2007

kasane zuki / yaenadeshiko no / utsukushisa

             caligraphy version done by Taishin Nomura              

Asahi Shimbun Jan 19-20, 2008 
spinning tops / dad's favorite one/ rests on grave

Asahi Shimbun Feb 16-17, 2008
crackling fire/ damp farewell letter/ chill lingers

Asahi Shimbun March 15-16, 2008
black and white/ Apache portrait/ red oak frame

Asahi Shimbun April 18, 2008
caterpillar/ gets dressed up/ summer clothes exchange

japanese version
imomushi/kimono o kiseru/koromo gae
won second place in NCSU insect museum 2008 hexapod haiku contest

Asahi Shimbun June 6, 2008
Exam week / soft hooting of owls / dusk or dawn? 

Asahi Shimbun July 18, 2008
G-8 flags/ waving in warm breeze /lavender

Asahi Shimbun August 15, 2008
Horseshoe Falls / international / rainbow bridge

Asahi Shimbun August 29, 2008
  Olympic flame first Afghan medal kindles hope

Asahi Shimbun October 3, 2008
  green acorns scampering squirrels wind chime waltz

Mainichi Daily News 'Daily Haiku Selection' October 15, 2008
gentle warm rain / stone lantern moss / hides firefly's glow

Asahi Shimbun October 17, 2008
  hospice pond butterfly on wheelchair heart flutters

Moonset literary newspaper, vol 4 (2), Fall 2008 , 3rd place winner of haiku contest

spring rain/ silent conversation/ under our umbrella

12th Annual Mainichi Haiku Contest, "second place,International Divison", winners announced Dec 2008
short sleeve stroll/ slow Mississippi/ slower moon

Asahi Shimbun April 30, 2009
  new haircut Spiderman rainboots first school day

Asahi Shimbun May 15, 2009
  pier to pier new morning commute gentle ocean breeze

Mainichi Daily News 'Daily Haiku Selection' July 17, 2009
river of stars / long green bamboo pole / fishing for dreams

Asahi Shimbun Sept. 18, 2009
  Side by sideJupiter and moon   wine glass frame

Asahi Shimbun Oct.2, 2009
Old friends and good wine/ warm up first cool evening   mosquito tastes both

AsahiShimbun Oct 16, 2009

  red embers/ silhouettes gently sway   moon shadows

Mainichi Daily News 'Daily Haiku Selection' Nov 20, 2009
humid night / rabbit on the moon / strolls with us

Mainichi Daily News 'Daily Haiku Selection' Jan 27, 2010
crowded noisy bus / slow silent Mississippi / in my daydream

Mainichi Daily News April 15, 2010
  floating masquerade / yamazakura blossoms   Gifu butterflies

Asahi Shimbun May 7, 2010
  fresh grass stains/ another pair of pants   painted Spring

Asahi Shimbun June 18, 2010
  crayoned card/ red Spiderman tie   Father's Day

Asahi Shimbun June 18, 2010
  green science / conference mixer   recycled jokes

Asahi Shimbun Oct. 29, 2010
  ruddy glow / rising orange moon  empty glass 

Mainichi Daily News Nov. 18, 2010
  roadside stand 'fresh tomatoes' sign   holds pumpkins

 Asahi Shimbun Jan. 7, 2011
  New Year's dawn / rabbit on the moon   drawn in snow

Asahi Shimbun April 19, 2011
  rising moon / purplish pink sunset   a la mode

Asahi Shimbun May 6, 2011
  cardinals / sunrise Easter mass  birdfeeder

Asahi Shimbun July 15, 2011
  umbrellas tilt / soft words in loud rain  fall on grave

Asahi Shimbun  July 29, 2011
  orange moon / eyeglass sweat  two rabbits

Asahi Shimbun OCT. 7, 2011
Fall full moon /old Kyoto temple pond /new romance

Mainichi Daily News AUG. 8, 2012
humid breeze / finger testing wind /finds dragonfly

Asahi Shimbun  March 21, 2014
  Pink petals / intoxicating   / first rose tree

Asahi Shimbun  May 16, 2014
  fragrant dreams / rose garden visit blooms again

Asahi Shimbun  June 20, 2014
  thunder clap / "cover bellybuttons" children shriek

Asahi Shimbun  August 29, 2014
  broken twig / cloud covers full moon crickets pause

Asahi Shimbun  Nov 21, 2014

chilly gust / giant spider catches candy wrappers

Asahi Shimbun  February 6, 2015
  Pink sunset / early reminder Valentines

Asahi Shimbun  April 17, 2015
  Southern breeze / snow piles slowly shrink first crocus

Asahi Shimbun April 29, 2015
  Bike for two / pink dogwood petal / confetti

Asahi Shimbun June 19, 2015
rampant rain / five minute relief / fox's wedding 

Mainichi Daily News Haiku in English October 10, 2015
after storm / bright double rainbow / many smiles 

Asahi Shimbun Nov 6, 2015
Autumn fog / blankets my bouquet / and your grave 

Asahi Shimbun Dec 4, 2015
Fretful dreams / thunderstorms outside / the hospice 

Asahi Shimbun Dec 17, 2015
cold North wind/ pallbearer's red cheeks / warmed by tears 

Asahi Shimbun Feb 8, 2016
acorn drop/ first kiss of New Year / ten seconds 

Asahi Shimbun Aug 5, 2016
Rio games/ fast Fukushima / golden smile 

Asahi Shimbun Sep 30, 2016
First scorcher / second sweaty shirt / third ice cream 

Asahi Shimbun Aug. 18, 2016
fox’s reception / lightning on full moon / eyes glisten 

Asahi Shimbun Oct 7, 2016
North Star fulcrum / sunset and moonrise / in balance 

Asahi Shimbun Nov 4, 2016
derelict barn / door’s horseshoe askew / luck ran out 

Asahi Shimbun Nov 4, 2016
moonlit clouds / acorn staccato / distant howl 

Asahi Shimbun Feb 17, 2017
Crack of dawn / approaching snow clouds / pretty in pink 

Asahi Shimbun Feb 17, 2017
perched owl / scans 180 degrees / tracks in snow 

Asahi Shimbun March 3, 2017
daydreaming / first pink pear blossoms / awakens hope 

Asahi Shimbun March 17, 2017
rock garden / last fall's leaves blanket / new green moss 

Asahi Shimbun May 19, 2017
forget the cream / forget the sugar / join the dark side 

Asahi Shimbun June 16, 2017
endless rain / my tomato plants / move next door 

Asahi Shimbun August 4, 2017
outdoor cafe / international menu / no subtitles 

Asahi Shimbun Sep 29, 2017
Solstice / cold watermelon / cool Coltrane 

Asahi Shimbun Oct. 20, 2017
Bugfest contest / dragonfly lands first place / with flying colors 

Asahi Shimbun Nov. 17, 2017
twilight stroll/ indigo bunting / tags along 

Asahi Shimbun Feb. 2, 2018
umbrella’s / warm whispers / snow-boots crunch 

Asahi Shimbun Feb. 16, 2018
the dog year / puppy celebrates / wan-wan-wan 

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