Dr. Pepper CLONES

Besides the original Dr. Pepper, I have tasted the following clones of Dr. Pepper: (If you know of others, please contact me, Charlie Smith, bmasmith@stat.ncsu.edu so I can try to add to my collection)

0. Dr PEPPER (can of "original" one thanks to Bill Hunt)
1. Dr. Riffic *Eckerd Drugs*
2. Dr. K *Kroger*
3. Dr. Smooth *Harris Teeter*
4. Dr. Wells
5. Dr. Becker *Blue Sky* (no caffeine)
6. Dr. Perfect )2 versions , one from Canada, one from USA
7. Dr. Thirst
8. Dr. Chek *Winn Dixie*
9. Dr. A+ (courtesy of Barb Bailey)
10. Dr. Slice
11. Dr. Perky *Food Lion*
12. Dr. Starr (thanks Silvia) also at Lucky grocery in Calif.
13. Dr. Rocket *K-Mart*
14. Dr. Thunder *Walmart*
15. Dr. Joe's, All Natural Spicy Soda (Thanks to Solly Sieberts for bringing me a can from California)
16. Dr. B (Thanks to Bill Hahn for sending a 6-pack from the great state of TEXAS)
17. Dr. Topper by Rocky Top, Clover Valley (Also courtesy of Bill Hahn, weblink courtesy of Valarie Hardin)
18. Dr. Pop by Moran Foods, Inc (Courtesy of Judy Johnson)
19. Dr. Radical by Adirondack Beverage (Found in Big Y store Springfield , Mass)
20. Dr. Shaw by Shaw's Supermarkets, New Hampshire
21. Dr. Up! by Worldwide Beverage Co. (Found at Sam's Club in Georgia)
22. Dr. Skipper (Found at Safeway in Cupertino CA)
23. Dr. Cheer at IGA grocery, NC (Only could find in 2 liter bottle)
24. Dr. Lynn at Ingles grocery in Georgia
25. Dr. Publix at Publix grocery in Georgia (Only in 2 litter bottle)
26. Doctor Whatever by Journey East, Putney , VT (Courtesy of Ed Bremson)
27. Dr. Zeppa , Providence, R.I. (thanks, Tara)
28. Dr. Polar, Charlottesville, VA
29. Dr. Rush, Atlanta and Philly, (Thanks Diane and Tara)
30. Dr. S, by Shoppers Food Warehouse (Wash,DC area) (Courtesy of John Zydell)
31. Dr. Sparkle, Lowes Food, (NC)
32. Dr. WOW (found at Food Club,Galax, VA ; Thanks to Jeff F., Jan '00)
33. Dr. W ( found in upstate NY, thanks jutt "Mayhew71" , Feb '00)
34. Dr. Tops (" ")

35. Dr. Right (Preferred products, MN), Thanks to Dave Schul
36. Country Doctor (Fareway stores , Iowa) Thanks to Dave Schul
37. Dr. IGA (by IGA, Chicago) Thanks to Dave Schul
38. Doctor (by Nash Finch, MN) Thanks to Dave Schul)
39. Dr. Choice (Associated Wholesale groceries, Kansas) Thanks Dave Schul
40. Dr. Urge (Kwik Trip, Lacrosse, WI) Thanks to Dave Schul
41. Dr. M (Meijer, Grand Rapids, MI) Thanks Dave Schul
42. Dr. Wild (Dr. Wild Oats, Boulder, CO) Thanks Dave Schul
43. Dr. Best (Best Foods, Oakwood, GA) Jan '01
44. Dr. Extreme (Harris Teeter, Raleigh, NC) Feb. 01
45. Dr Parker (Wellspring Grocery, Durham NC) Feb 01 Thanks to Kyle Shertzer
46. Dr. Shasta (also Doc Shasta) (thanks Alan Samet)
47. Dr Fizz (Cardinal Beverages, Elizabethtown, KY) Sept 01
48. Dr Weis ,June 02
49. Dr Path, June 02, Tilton, NH
50. Dr Bold, Fall 03, thanks to Mike Goedecke
51. Dr. HyTop, summer 05
52. Dr. Celeste, thanks Jason 
53.  Real Dr., aug 2007, San Jose, Calif
54. Dr. WHAM. 2013
55. Dr. Fine,  Loganville, Ga. Nov., 2015

56. Doc. Zipp,  Lidl grocery, raleigh, NC   June 2018
1. Mr. Pibb
2. Mr. Ahhh (found in Memphis, Gerry and Kristen thanks for stopping at all those grocery stores)


1. Texas Fizz (Pharmor) 

2. The Fizzicist   (Kroger)

1. Dr. Enuf (More like Mountain Dew, Trying it once was enough for me)