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Articles in preparation:
  • Han Na Lee and Armin Schwartzman, "Eigenvalue and Eigenvector Inference for Exponential Families of Random Symmetric Matrices", (in preparation).
  • Armin Schwartzman, Alison Wu, Adithya Seshadri, Sandhya Nayak, and Peter Huybers, "Estimation of Valley Glacier Retreat using Landsat Images and Digital Elevation Models", (in preparation).
  • Meng Li and Armin Schwartzman, "Background Adjustment and Voxelwise Inference for Template-based Gaussian Mixture Models ", (in preparation).
  • Dan Cheng and Armin Schwartzman, "Multiple Testing of Local Maxima for Change Point Detection", (in preparation).
  • Leif Ellingson, David Groisser, Daniel Osborne, Victor Patrangenaru and Armin Schwartzman, "Nonparametric Two-Sample Testing on Spaces of Positive Definite Matrices with an Application to Diffusion Tensor Imaging Data", (in preparation).
  • Lei Qin, Kisha McCall, Jeffrey Yap and Armin Schwartzman, "Detection of Voxelwise Changes in Positron Emission Tomography Brain Images via Background Adjustment", (in preparation).
Articles submitted for publication:
  • Max Sommerfeld, Steve Sain and Armin Schwartzman, "Asymptotic Confidence Regions for Spatial Excursion Sets", (in review).
  • Armin Schwartzman, "Log-Normal Distributions and Geometric Averages of Positive Definite Matrices", International Statistical Review (in revision). [link]
  • Benoit Scherrer, Armin Schwartzman, Maxime Taquet, Mustafa Sahin, Sanjay P. Prabhu, Simon K. Warfield, "Characterizing the white-matter microstructure by assessment of the DIstribution of Anisotropic MicrO-structural eNvironments with Diffusion-weighted imaging (DIAMOND)", Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (in revision).
  • Sungkyu Jung, Armin Schwartzman, and David Groisser, "Scaling-Rotation Distance and Interpolation of Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices", SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications(in revision).
  • Dan Cheng and Armin Schwartzman, "Multiple Testing of Local Maxima for Detection of Peaks in random fields", Annals of Statistics (in revision). [link]
  • Joseph Usset, Arnab Maity, Ana-Maria Staicu and Armin Schwartzman, "Estimation of Mountain Glacier Retreat from Landsat Image Intensity Profiles", Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics (in review).
Articles accepted for publication:
  • Dan Cheng and Armin Schwartzman, "Distribution of the height of local maxima of Gaussian random fields", Extremes (accepted). [link]
  • David Azriel and Armin Schwartzman, "The distribution of a large number of correlated normal variables", Journal of the American Statistical Association (accepted).
  • Nezamoddin N.-Kachouie, Xihong Lin and Armin Schwartzman, "FDR Control of Detected Regions by Multi-Scale Matched Filtering",  Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation (accepted).
Publications (methodological journals):
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Publications (scientific journals - major involvement):
  1. Nezamoddin N.-Kachouie,Travis Gerke, James Winter, Peter Huybers and Armin Schwartzman, "Nonparametric Regression for Estimation of Spatial and Temporal Mountain Glacier Retreat from Satellite Images", IEEE Transactions on Geosciences and Remote Sensing Vol. 53, No. 3, March 2015. [link]
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Publications (scientific journals - minor involvement):
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PhD Thesis:
  • Armin Schwartzman, "Random ellipsoids and false discovery rates: statistics for diffusion tensor imaging data", Ph.D. thesis, Stanford University, June 2006.