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Kevin Gross 

I am a theoretical ecologist and an associate professor in the Biomathematics Graduate Program at North Carolina State University. I am a member of the Department of Statistics, and hold associate faculty appointments with the Department of Biology and the Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology program

My research uses theoretical models and statistical tools to answer questions in population and community ecology.  I am particularly interested in understanding the processes that govern the dynamics of multispecies assemblages.  Multispecies dynamics is a topic that is interesting from a basic science perspective, and also touches on a number of timely applied questions, including biological control, conservation biology, and the dynamics of infectious disease.  This research has both a theoretical side that entails the development and analysis of mathematical models, and a statistical side that involves developing techniques to confront theory with data.  

John Tukey famously said that one of the attractive aspects of being a statistician was getting to play in everyone's backyard.  I think the same holds true for being a theoretical ecologist. I collaborate with colleagues who study a variety of taxa, and enjoy doing so enormously.

extinction figure                              Hopland HREC                                Acropora palmata

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