Statistical Principles of Clinical Trials and Epidemiology (ST 520), Fall 2014

  • Instructor: Dr. Daowen Zhang 
  • Office : 5122 SAS Hall, Phone: 515-1933 
  • Time and Location: 11:45 am - 1:00 pm TH (1108, SAS Hall). 
  • Office hours: 3:00-4:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday or by appointment. 
  • E-mail: 
  • Prerequisite: ST511, or equivalent.
  • Teaching Assistant:  Shuhan Liang
  • Office:  Room 1101, SAS Hall
    Office hours: 
    4:30-5:30pm Monday
Some important materials for ST 520 course,  Fall 2014  (Aug. 20 -  Dec. 16).
  • View or download  syllabus.  
  • An  R manual  from Dr. Dennis Boos. Please read lab 2 about plotting. An example  for plotting a piece-wise function.
  • Lecture notes: 520 lecture notes.  
  • Slides used in class: 520 slides.  
  • Slides on power and sample size calculation under a non-proportional hazards model.  
  • Slides on design and analysis of alcohol/benzo interaction studies.  
  • Slides on the analysis of binary composite endpoints with missing data in components.  
  • Some R programs used on slides.  
  • NIH website to take the course on "Protecting Human Research Participants".  
  • FDA guidance on dose selection for carcinogenicity studies.  
  • Non-centrality parameter table (ps filepdf file)
  • A paper by Wang and Tsiatis (Biometrics, 1987) on group sequential trials.
  • A power point presentation on randomization by Mr. Suraj P Anand. click here.
  • Homework Assignment
  • Midterm Exam: 11:40am-1:25pm, Tuesday, 10/7/14 (Fall break: 10/9/14-10/10/14)
  • Final Exam (comprehensive): Location: 1108 SAS Hall; Time: 8:00-11:00 am, 12/11/2014, Thursday. Exam schedule can be found here.
  • The final exam will be based on the entire course covered in the class. The final grades can be found on web
  • If you want to learn more about Pharmacokinetics, please surf  this site.
  • Some information about Thalidomide.
  • You can download software for designing phase II trials using Simon's two-stage design from this site under software.
  • Nuremberg Code and  Helsinki Declaration on medical experiments.  
  • The Hippocratic Oath and related information.
  • Protocol from Women's Health Initiative.
  • Useful links  on clinical trials.
  • Check out the Grading scale.  

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